About UndocuAlly

Modeled after the UndocuAlly trainings conducted at UC Berkeley, Mason DREAMers introduced its first UndocuAlly training in the Spring semester of 2014. This training is designed to educate faculty, students, and staff at Mason on the history, legislation, and the current realities of the undocumented community. Our goal is to cultivate a more supportive environment for undocumented students through education. Upon completing the training, "UndocuAllies" serve as knowledgeable campus resources for undocumented students seeking support. The trainings are typically four hours long, composed of several interactive and informative activities. Participants will leave training with an understanding of:

  • The current immigration movement and legislation that affects undocumented students
  • The connotations and misconceptions that are attached to undocumented students
  • Statistics on the undocumented student body population at Mason and nationwide
  • The resources available on campus and in the community for undocumented students
  • Their roles and responsibilities as allies

Ally Directory

This directory is a list of staff and community members who want to serve as future resources for undocumented students. They have received the UndocuAlly training, signed the agreement, and agreed to have their information listed below for students seeking support.

Our goal is to have three trainings per semester. If you are interested in attending one and would like to receive updates and information on upcoming trainings, please leave your name and email and we will contact you shortly.